Links for 2021-09-18

  1. A reference to the North American continent from an Italian friar in ~1340? — “The Cronica universalis written by the Milanese friar Galvaneus Flamma contains an astonishing reference to ‘a terra que dicitur Marckalada’ situated west from Greenland … from Icelandic sources”

  2. Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Entanglement of Three Spin Qubits Achieved in Silicon

  3. Eric Drexler's new 150-page paper on what language for intelligent machines might look like.

  4. The first baby in history to be conceived with the help of polygenic testing

  5. Nanostructured materials may provide lightweight armor against microparticle impacts

  6. The worldview-changing drugs poised to go mainstream: “The ‘psychedelic renaissance’ promises to change far more about our societies than simply the medical treatments that doctors prescribe. Unlike other drugs, psychedelics can radically alter the way people see the world. They also bring mystical and hallucinatory experiences that are at the edge of current scientific understanding. So, what might follow if psychedelics become mainstream?”

  7. Xi Jinping’s crackdown on everything is remaking Chinese society

  8. Only Humans, Not AI Machines, Get a U.S. Patent, Judge Rules

  9. World’s Top Beef Supplier Approves Methane-Busting Cow Feed

  10. IQ, explained in 9 charts