Links for 2021-09-17

  1. North Atlantic jet stream projections in the context of the past 1,250 years: “…observed jet stream variations are consistent with natural variations…”

  2. “CRISPR technologies are powerful gene editing tools because they are programmable. We are excited to describe 3 new programmable systems, IscB, IsrB, and TnpB, some of the most abundant genes on the planet, with potential for gene editing.”

  3. China prepares to test thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor: If China’s experimental reactor is a success it could lead to commercialization and help the nation meet its climate goals.

  4. The Accuracy of Stereotypes: Data and Implications — Stereotype accuracy is one of the most solid and replicable findings in psychology.

  5. Genetics and Eugenics in Frank Herbert's Dune-verse

  6. GPT-X, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future [video series]

  7. For First Time, Half of Americans Favor Defending Taiwan If China Invades.

  8. A rise in targeting of scholars for political and ideological reasons

  9. The Fall of Doc Future (~170,000 words) (“This is a smart book for smart people.” — Eliezer Yudkowsky)